Data may be a new Oil but Metadata is jet fuel.

Logging is a modern standard practice for any application. The analysis is a real deal about it.

Let’s have a small glimpse of analytic on Elixir and why it is important to the developer.

Of course, Metadata is a real deal, unless it is tweaked to meet the needs of a developer and to make a concrete decision. My recommendation would be the different stages of development to keep an eye on the application performance.

What we made with metadata?

  1. Build a custom built dashboard, unlike appsignal or rollbar.
  2. Monitor Performance and evaluate hardware of hosting provider.

Let’s start with Graylog2.

Please don’t start about ELK vs Graylog. Yes, We tested ELK + Grafana, we found the Graylog has things, out of the box like UDP , & plugging works like a charm. Moreover, both are based on elasticsearch.

If you are still into ELK, bleachreport posted an article .

Current Intention to index both echo and phoenix log’s

GELF Logger Backend

— Configuration is straight forward

Sample configuration for OVH (Config )

Now we have to send log in json so, graylog can analysis it.

BleachReport has built two plugins for this specific purpose.


Both work seamlessly, if you feel a need for more data to be logged, first tweak the plugin, second send the data to garylog and catch it there. (Second option is easy to implement).

Graylog Application

Build a node for incoming data at graylog.

Configure the host and port and make sure it is allowed in your firewall.

Now, analysis the incoming data, Graylog has JSON parser.



Once the data is indexed, its up to the developers vision and their crazy/creative way to use the dashboard.

We currently evaluating CleverCloud provider, a SAAS for elixir hosting vs dedicated hosting at Scaleway. Both are hosted at Metadata came to our resume to settle the dispute.

We are blind at CPU capacity and RAM performance at clevercloud, we wanted to get some metrics to evaluate it.

Valla, We are collecting metrics, and populate things accordingly.

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